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Wedding season starts with all pomp, glamour after Eid

Le 27 juillet 2015, 05:04 dans Humeurs 0

Soon after the Eid festivity, the wedding season has started with all its pomp and glamour as the beauty saloons, caterers, marriage halls staff, tailors seem busy to provide their services to a large number of customers.


Marriage events started from the third day of Eidul Fitr keeping in view of the convenience of relatives who came from other cities to celebrate Eid so they need not to come again for attending marriage functions or took extra leaves from their workplaces to prolong their Eid vacations.



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The rush in markets for completing left over shopping started with the reopening of shops after Eid while women seem busy in visiting the tailors for handing over wedding clothes.


The bookings of marriage halls have skyrocketed, along with the tariffs of halls, catering equipment and other additives.


Shopkeepers are busy fleecing the citizens and making as much profits as they can, realising that people want to complete their planned marriage ceremonies at this time at any cost.


The catering business runners also receive a huge number of orders for the functions arranged at home before marriages like Mehndi, Mayon etc.


while those who arrange their main functions of Barat and Walima at home or nearby open places also get catering services from these professionals.


Saloons also not only receiving heavy customers for bridal make up but the parties make up of the siblings, relatives and friends of brides and grooms also give them accelerated business.


Besides bridal makeovers, now the emerging trend of male saloons also give a good business to owners as the youngsters took special hair-cut, facial and other skin treatments not only for the groom but also for his friends and close relatives.


Talking to this agency, Raza Kamal, a shopkeeper at Karachi Company said, the business in our market has ascended 250 percent due to this wedding season as people are busy in buying dowry items including suits, shoes, electronic items, furniture, crockery etc,.


Whereas, owners of gold jewelry shops, bridal dresses shops and tailors are also facing problems to deliver the orders in given time frame to the customers, as their laborers and workers are still in Eid festive mood and yet not came back on work from eid holidays.


“I have to complete few orders of bridal dresses within this week but my mostly workers have not come back from their hometowns, although they were supposed to come back on the fourth day of Eid,” said another shopkeeper Afzaal Alvi from Jinnah Super market.


The sale of decorative items have also increased, especially flowers both fresh and artificial, colorful ribbons, wish wands, bells, paper lanterns, streamers, honeycomb tissue balls with tassels, metallic and glittering stars, ribbon hanging swirls, twinkling paper stars, floral sheets and myriad rolls etc.

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Fashion FYI: Worth New York's Fall 2015 collection comes to Pittsburgh

Le 10 juillet 2015, 08:42 dans Humeurs 0

The Worth New York Shopping Party will run from 4:30 to 7 p.m. July 16 at 100 Fifth Ave., 10th Floor Suite 1008, The Diamond Building, Downtown. See the Fall 2015 collection and meet stylist Bear Brandegee.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section's Back 2 School Store. It gives elementary school students who quality the opportunity to shop for clothing, shoes and outerwear and school supplies at no cost.

Appointments recommended by July 12.

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M.B. Bride, 123 S. Urania Ave., Greensburg, will have a Justin Alexander and Justin Alexander Signature Bridal trunk shows July 10 to 12 and will take part in Celebrate Brides Across America Week's Operation Wedding Gown on July 15.

This event has bridal stores across the country giving away wedding gowns to qualified military brides.

Appointments are suggested for the trunk shows and required for military giveaway.


Metallic shadows, shimmery glosses and make-you-glisten bronzers — that's all it takes to score sexy radiance for your face, says People StyleWatch.

Eyes: Go for the gold … and copper and bronze. These blazing shades light up your eyes like a gorgeous sunset. Sweep a copper shadow all over the lids and creases, a bronzy one along the lashlines, then dab gold shimmer in the inner-eye corners.

Lips: For a summery pout, pick a gloss with flecks of gold in it, celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose says. A soft coral or pink will boost your lips' natural hue, while a sheer gold can be worn on its own or over your fave lipstick.

Face: Choose your bronzer based on what type of look you want. For subtle, all-over color, a bronzing primer is your best bet — use it alone or under your foundation. If you want a more noticeable beach-babe effect, apply a tawny powder to your head and cheekbones, forehead and chin.


Allure magazine offers tips on how to care for handbags. A jumble of purses in your closet isn't just an eyesore; it can leave bags misshapen or scratched. Here's how to impose order.

Line them up: “Arrange bags by color, type and style; medium totes, large totes, and so on,” says Melanie Charlton, the founder of Clos-ette, a closet-design company. Stuff them with acid-free tissue paper or anything soft (old T-shirts or scarves work well) so they can stand up on their own.

Find the hook: “For shoulder bags, shallow wall space is your best friend,” says Charlton. “Stuff these bags, too, so they keep their shape, and hang them from hooks.”

Clutch players: “I love to store clutches upright in deep drawers so that I can thumb through them, like I would in a department store,” Charlton says. “If you're short on drawer space, it's fine to stack them on a shelf. Use an acrylic divider to keep them from toppling.”

And the dust bag?: “Real neurotics like me keep bags in their protective cloth cases,” says Cameron Silver, founder of Decades, a Los Angeles vintage shop that specializes in couture.


InStyle magazine editor Cindy Weber Cleary says the bohemian look is the opposite of high-maintenance, and so is the girl who's into it. Here is how to pull it off.

Balance hippie-ish elements with something current, such as open-toe booties or track pants, to avoid a sensation of 1970s déjà vu.

Contrast textures with a modern edge to keep you firmly planted in the here and now. Shaggy slide sandals ground a fluid dress; a leather T-shirt gives ikat pajama pants some bite.

Don't combine too many patterns in one outfit — it will look like you've raided a vintage store. A utilitarian denim or army jacket tossed over a batik dress or skirt is the perfect antidote.

More info:

Oh, You've Not Yet Planned Your Wedding Moon? Time to Get Cracking

Le 8 juillet 2015, 04:34 dans Humeurs 0

Quick question for those of you out there who are in the stages of planning your wedding: Do you ever feel like you’ve got too much time on your hands, or like you’re not spending enough money, or are hoping for another item on your checklist? Fear not, you rare birds: There’s a new Thing in town and it’s a -moon.


You’ve your got honeymoons, your baby moons, and your mini-moons (quickie honeymoons, which I didn’t realize were referred to as anything other than “quickie honeymoon”). But who cares? No big deal. You want more. You want to be where the spendy people are: planning a “wedding moon,” wherein the engaged couple skips town for a few days in advance of their actual wedding. As if a woman’s life didn’t have enough moons in it as is?


Oh, You've Not Yet Planned Your Wedding Moon? Time to Get Cracking


Pictures: wedding dress perth


Fox NY alerts us to Rachel and Frank, who are getting married this coming weekend and have thus been dealing with the typical stress of last-minute planning. So instead of waiting to catch their breath on their honeymoon, the pair decided to get out of town for a few days in advance of the wedding, just to take a quick break from the madness. This is actually a really nice idea (if you’ve got the time and the money, in which case, lucky you): it’s a lovely way to redirect your focus on one another and, if needed, remind yourselves why you’re getting married in the first place.


But because this mini-vacay is in the same orbit as the wedding, it cannot just be a nice thing you did. The wedding industrial complex—known for its disconcerting ability to take tap water and turn it into Screaming Eagle-expensive wine—has no choice but turn this “nice thing some people do” into “this is definitely a Thing people (you) should do (in order to complete your wedding experience),” complete with hotel packages to reinforce the concept.


Rachel and Frank aren’t the only ones breaking from the standard wedding-then-honeymoon routine and taking a trip before the big day, says Jamie Miles, the online managing editor of She says it is a way for couples to avoid the stress of planning for a couple of days and just spend time together before the ceremony. […]Miles says the trend is even inspiring hotel chains to cater to couples with special wedding moon packages.


Of course this wedding moon business comes from The Knot: Branding every element of your pre-nuptial life since 1997. Give it a few months and we’ll probably hear from sister site The Bump about a “conception moon”: that particularly adventurous or lavish trip some couples take as a last hurrah before they try to start aiming sperm for an egg.


(As a side note: How about we stop adding “moon” to vacations that precede or immediately follow major life events—events which, not coincidentally, are considered major markers in the traditionally feminine life. Cutesy “moon” language further infantilizes these moments, just another step backwards in our reverse march towards the ultimate twee-ification of women’s rites of passage.)

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